Cut your expenses

Saving is a sacrifice, that why a lot of people have trouble saving money. But reducing expense is probably the only way you will be able to save money effectively, and most likely, you won?t improve your financial situation if you don?t cut expenses. But cutting costs doesn?t mean changing your lifestyle; for instance, think about your postpaid phone card. If you didn?t have it, how much would spend with a prepaid one? Probably so much less; that?s one of the ways you can cut expenses without necessarily changing your lifestyle.

Spend wisely

There are things that you can?t do without, that include water, food housing and shelter. You cannot starve and expect to meet any financial goal. So when spending, start with the necessities, but that doesn?t mean you will have to splurge on them. If you cannot save enough, why not consider moving to a cheaper housing? If it's clothing, don?t buy any cloth you come across.

saving money

Saving money is not about living hard or lean; the most important thing to remember is to be financially responsible. Spend wisely, cut you expenses if you have to, and most importantly, set realistic money-saving goals.